At LightSail, we believe that every student is entitled to – and will flourish with – an excellent education in reading and writing.

We believe that effective teachers are national treasures, and that every teacher can become more effective with meaningful support.

LightSail uses digital tools to bring great books, proven assessments, and effective teaching practices to as many students as possible. To realize our vision of equitable, excellent education, LightSail has partnered with the country’s top publishers and assessment creators.

The educators, software engineers, and entrepreneurs at LightSail embrace the following research-proven principles:
  • Intelligence is developed through practice.
  • Student choice drives engagement, focus and achievement.
  • Teacher-student relationships are critical to student growth.
  • Learning communities achieve more and they do it faster than isolated individuals.
  • High expectations – such as those in the Common Core State Standards – benefit all students.

LightSail’s investors include:

  • Viceroy Ventures
  • New Ground Ventures 
  • Ed Ventures
  • Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Ventures
  • Chuck Strauch, former Chairman and CEO, PairGain Technologies
  • Dan Nir, Sargent Capital

In addition, LightSail is delighted to have the support of the following foundations:



LightSail benefits enormously from expert partners — leaders in library content management, innovators in literacy assessment and development, and key contributors to the ELA Common Core State Standards.